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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Embarcadero Hotel?
How can I contact Embarcadero Hotel?
How can I send comments regarding my experience with Embarcadero Hotel?
Where is Embarcadero Hotel?
What time does the reception open?
Can I send a package to one of Embarcadero Hotel’s guests?
Can I bring my pet in Embarcadero Hotel?
Is there WIFI in Embarcadero Hotel?
Will my online reservation information be secure?


How can I reserve a room?
How can I see all the rooms I reserved?
How do I book multiple rooms?
How do I book promotions?
How do I book tour packages?
What businesses/establishments are near Embarcadero Hotel?
How do I book my room, tour package, and airport transfers together?
What is the minimum age required to check-in/make a booking?
Why should I confirm my reservation instead of walking in?
Why do you need the number of adults, number of children, and my children’s ages?
Can I book multiple rooms with different number of guests and/or children’s ages?
How do I find my corporate rate?
Why do you need my credit card details?
Why do you need my personal details?
How can I confirm that my reservation has been made?
Why didn’t I receive a confirmation email after confirming my reservation?
Why do I need to make a prepaid online deposit?
How can I change or cancel my reservation/s?


Does Embarcadero Hotel offer a smoking room?
Does Embarcadero Hotel offer a handicapped room?
Can I order food in my room?
Can I bring outside food to my room?
What amenities can I expect in my room?


Can I store my luggage after checking out?
Can I request for an early check-in or late check-out?
What time should I check-in/check-out?


What are the facilities in Hotel St. Ellis?
Is there parking within the property?
Can I reserve a parking slot?
Does Embarcadero Hotel offer valet parking services?


How do I book a meeting or an event in Embarcadero Hotel?
Can I change details of a previously reserved meeting or event?


Lost and Found


No Show Policy
Cancellation Policy
Modification Policy
Smoking Policy
Other Room Policies
The hotel reserves the right to institute necessary actions under any of the following cases:
Reservation Terms and Conditions
Child Policy
Guarantee Policy

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